Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lesson PLanning and Student Learning

Planning lessons ahead of time is very beneficial to student learning. In being prepared, the instructor is able to use the majority of the time allotted to a lesson for instruction. A good lesson plan should take various factors into consideration, such as the student who finishes early. A well planned lesson will include instructions for the early finisher. Unfortunately a student who is left without anything to do will resort to chit chatting, resulting in the distraction of other students. The lesson planning is also beneficial because it aids in the portrayal of the instructor as a well organized and efficient individual, students are receptive to this.

Culture and Student Learning

The United States is a huge compilation of cultures. Due to this fact, it is crucial that we as teachers, try to familiarize ourselves with our students' cultures. Based on their culture, students will have different learning styles. For example, here in the valley, a larger amount of our students' first language is Spanish. Instructions for assignments may be misunderstood by these students. I think when planning lessons it is important that we keep this in mind and make sure to include visually oriented portions into the discipline. In addition to this, the incorporation of culturally common images, would also aid in engaging the students in the lesson.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The importance of effective classroom management

Effective classroom management and/or procedure plan are both essential tools in maintaining a successful classroom. Classroom Procedures instill responsibility in students. The procedures clearly state exactly what the students are responsible for in the classroom. Classroom management is key because it aids in the elimination of wasted time and ensures that every minute of the class is devoted to the instruction and learning of its' students.