Sunday, January 31, 2010

My teaching far

I feel that the education of tomorrow's society is an important and crucial task. I feel that we, as learners, learn best through our own personal experiences...both successful and not. I think we as teachers should remember this and address the education of today's youth in a similar manner. In my opinion, teaching should imitate a partnership; a partnership between educator and student. Both parties must be present and engaged in the task at hand, in order for the learning process to occur. As a teacher, is it my responsibility to present the resources and information in the best format possible to my students in order to engage them in their learning. Through guided practice the students will learn important concepts critical to their further developement as well educated citizens of our society.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Journal Entry No. 1 for Content Area Strategies

The most significant point that kept circulating through my mind as I went through this week's readings and videos, was that the start of every good lesson should begin with grabbing the student's attention. The various strategies that I read about addressed various content areas, but they all were set up to do the same thing, ignite the student's curiosity. In doing this the instructor has successfully created a classroom of students eager to learn. As an art teacher I found the questionnaire/interest-survey strategy to be quite useful. I think administering a questionnaire at the beginning of the term, would be an extremely useful guide in educating the instructor on what level of art the incoming students are at.