Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I figured I would start my first blog by introducing my extended family of four-legged -friends. They all have their own unique stories on how we came to include them in our family. I hope you enjoy meeting them.

So this is Cooter, he was a gift to my husband ,from yours truly, for his birthday 5 years ago. He was a scraggly lil pup with space out and crooked teeth. We fell in love with him and we survived through his puppy hood, unfortunatley I can't say the same for a pair of my glasses, or our "The Green Mile" dvd.

After about a year with Cooter, just enough time had passed for us to forget all his destruction and we decided Cooter needed a buddy. So one cold, wet day at a flea market in San Antonio we met LuLu. We were at the flea market becasue I had gotten the ingenious idea that I would sell my own hand crafted jewelry there.....bad idea. Well the jewelry wasnt a success, perhaps due to either my prices or the cold, damp weather. That weekend wasnt a whole loss because we came across Lu. There was a breeder selling pups at the flea market. There was this continuous, loud, and obnoxious barking that we continued to hear. Upon further investigation,(my father-in-law went in for a closer look) we realized this bark belonged to a cute lil bassett hound.
So instead of a pocket full of cash from my jewelry sales, we went home that day with LuLu.

Lulu proved to be more of a handfull then Cooter ever was. Wow, she pulled up linoleum, she chewed the walls, the furniture, electrical cords. Not to mention the barking, at the top of her lungs and then Cooter decided he should join her. We had an uptight neighbor at the time who didnt find the basset hound choir very charming, so she was constantly harrassing us. Anyway we entually moved once we were married. We now live on 3 acres and the bassets have grown into wonderful, and loyal friends. They had puppies....that is a whole other Blog post....that will be my next and it can segway into the 3 next dogs. Well I hope this was semi enjoyable.


One of my LuLu inspired Illustrations


Mama Mayborne... said...

Great blog!! Wow you really hit the blog world amazing-style. Nice to meet your dogs. Wish I was warm in South Texas too! Here it's 10 below.

Dharma Designs said...

Nice blog! The picture with the ears is just too cute!!! :-)

SEWphisticate said...

what cute puppies!

island sweet said...

love the warm inviting feeling you've achieved on your blog right from the start!

Alorinna said...

That picture of LuLu (I think) with the spread out ears is cracking me up :)

Made by Melissa said...

Oh they are too cute!! I love that pic of Lu! My pup is part hound - you know, that part that HOWLS at 2 AM! LOL!